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Immediate Assistance Line Grupo Cristo Rey Velatories.

(24 HRS., 365 days a year)

+52 (222)2-40-90-40
+52 (222)2-37-08-80
+52 (222)2-37-08-26


Av. 11 sur No. 3310
Col. Gabriel Pastor
Between Av. 33 y 35 pte.

(Opposite panteón municipal.)

C.P. 72420
Puebla, Pue.



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sn_1 Innovation is evolution, therefore in Cristo Rey Funeral Home Group our main goal is to make that you and your loved ones have the absolute certainty of being served by the biggest growing company that has a well-known consolidation in the funeral  services market.

We worry about the total satisfaction of our customers needs and in doing so we contribute to the well-being of those we serve through our efforts and so accomplish excellent and innovative solutions as well as working with a bigger efficiency and at the same time promoting a stable future for our organization and for the planet itself.

People have many reasons to trust us, because in the beginning of the year 2009, the company had an image and corporate restructure, focusing on offering our clients excellent funeral services at fair prices.

Because of this, strong investments have been made. These investments are part of a strategic consolidation project that began at the end of the year 2008. This can be seen in the renovation of our operational and technological platform, in the customer service,in an expansion to more than double  of our operational capacity, and in a diversification of different services focusing on new markets.

Nowadays, Cristo Rey Funeral Group is consolidated as an innovative, dynamic, efficient and responsible company focusing completely on offering excellent funeral services at fair prices. World-class service is within reach of our customers.
  • ts_2 Contact the Lines of Cristo Rey Group to +52 (222) 2409040, 2370880 and 2370826 and one of our consultants will personally attend you and offer you a solutions quickly, easily and effectively to all your needs.

  • ts_2 We offer excellent integral funeral services with the most advanced and innovative concept in Mexico and the last technology in Ecological Cremation; always aware of the environment and giving you always fair prices.

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    Cristo Rey Funeral Home Telephone Assistance 24 hours, 365 days a year Hotline.
    +52 (222) 2-40-90-40
    +52 (222) 2-37-08-80
    +52 (222) 2-37-08-26
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    In Cristo Rey Funeral Homes Group we are taking care of the environment improvement and a self support growing for our organization as much as for the planet. That is why our Ecological Crematorium is the only one of its kind in Puebla City with no contamination whatsoever; it has the latest technology that overpasses the strictest norms of environmental quality.
  • ts_2 Cristo Rey offers mexican families, an early settlement, through the best plans for the future, with the best comprehensive package of products and services that will ensure peace of mind for their loved ones to address today's need tomorrow ensuring that all their needs will be met entirely by one company and they have nothing to worry about.


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Founding Partner of:


Ecological Crematorium

With the latest technology and surpassing the highest standards of environmental quality.
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